Quitting My Day Job

Quitting is tough. I’ve been fortunate to have coworkers I’ve both learned from and loved as friends. I never wanted to be that guy that went out angrily or with a bang. That guy usually ends up looking like an ass anyway. I’m always anxious:

Will my boss be mad or disappointed? Feel like I was sneaking around on them while interviewing? Will they be proud that they prepared me for this next step? Will they feel like I’m leaving them in a lurch?

Typical morning with my supervisor and boss being unproductive over coffee

Typical morning with my supervisor and boss being unproductive over coffee


It’s not easy. I think most of my career I’ve made graceful exits, and I know its poor form to blast your I QUIT story on the internets, but I can’t resist.

My boss has been involved in a new training program that occupies him weekday mornings, and while he leaves me in the less-than-capable hands of my most-times-napping-other-times-barking-orders supervisor, I’ve known for some time that it was time for a professional change. Neither he nor my supervisor got suspicious when I pushed to hire our new Control Officer, who honestly had shifted to spending more time than me dealing with their whims. But he insisted on me escorting him to and from his training programs and was still calling on me all hours of the night with some sort of nonsense.

I applied and got the offer for another jobby job and had the difficult responsibility of sharing the bad news.

“I have a new job now.”


“You have Henry. And you will go to school and Gertie will be here when you get back.”

“Big Cow! Mooo!”

“You’ve taught me a lot.”


“I appreciate all that you’ve done for my personal development.”


Somehow, despite my honest and direct approach I was talked into a consulting position nights (as in overnight) and weekends and I’m still required to shuttle him to and from his training sessions. Seems like a drag, but I can’t say I’ve ever cared about another job as much as this one. I know it’s time to focus on my own professional development, but it feels good to know he counts on me. I guess the extra hours won’t kill me.


2 thoughts on “Quitting My Day Job

  1. good article – thanks for sharing ,-)
    Just a question : where did you get this image from ? did you take the picture yourself ? or did you buy the image – if yes, on which website ?
    Thank you very much for your answer
    Kind Regards, Florence

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