When I Hit the Wall

wliadventures-24 When we first arrived in Ghana and started meeting people who had their eyes on the prize of leaving, I was stumped. We generally really like it here. We’ve got everything we could possibly want in terms of products and material things. It’s safe. I couldn’t see us getting to that point of sheer Ghana exhaustion. Just wait! People warned me this would happen.

Living in Accra is not always pretty

Living in Accra is not always pretty

I was worried that work would be the reason that I’d abandon my little blog, but I think it was bigger than that. I felt like I ran out of good things to write about. Maybe it’s the general acceptance that the roadside is both a urinal and a dumpster (bonus points for trash on fire). Maybe it was the 800th axle-crushing pothole I hit “driving” in soul-crushing traffic. Maybe it is the constant summer, the never-ending back sweat, the obruni sunburns. But it happened. I hit the Ghana wall with a big sweaty thud. You can’t take for granted that little things add up: the jealousy when your friends Facebook all the fun they’re having without you, the sadness of celebrating your child’s 2nd birthday without your family, the egotistical struggle of being an EFM instead of a professional in my own right (hey, at least we’re not called Trailing Spouses any more). It just feels like something’s missing. Something’s off.

A breath of fresh air blew through with a training in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (and day trip to Zanzibar), a family trip to Cape Town, South Africa and a very necessary visit by one of my best friends. But a special reminder that life here is temporary and that we should enjoy while we can came on Bid List Day. Even though we’re here through next September, it’s that time where we go through the stress and excitement of ranking our top available posts. Doesn’t it seem like we just did that? And I am allegedly writing to you on Final-Directed-Assignment-Eve. Tomorrow we might know our fate for the next go-round. And the stress and excitement starts all over again…

See more of the trips to Tanzania, Cape Town, the Volta Region and other Shenanigans around Ghana on Flickr.


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