Do They Know It’s Swostmas Time?

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually shared about Swostlife here in Ghana, and looking back, I see I left you with a dip into a rough patch. Overwhelmed partly with adventure-chasing, mostly with work, but also with overcompensating to help soothe any bruises to my EFM ego, I’ve been too busy to blog. But, because it’s Christmas, here I am to catch you up since…uhh…May.


You know how in that Christmas Wrapping song by the Waitresses our heroine details in, like, 6 minutes, how an entire year got away from her? That’s kind of how I feel about ours. Let’s start by addressing the overcompensating thing. In addition to this whole full time job, I’ve accepted positions on two boards this year, and continue to volunteer for this and that AND, lest we forget, to be a mom too. Because I am a professional in my own right dammit! It’s been challenging, but in a good way.

But I can say without flinching that I am excited to be jobless in the coming days! My contract is up and – oh yeah – I’m off to DC to have our second child. How could I forget that big piece of news, you ask? Because this year’s been that crazy:

With toddler in tow, either I, or we as a family, have been to the U.S., London and all around Tanzania. Our trip to the U.S. was a much needed break to see family and friends, most of whom I hadn’t seen in a year! Shortly after returning we were off to London for my 20 week check ups and to take Little Man to see an actual pediatrician about some tummy problems. While in her first 30 seconds with him she diagnosed him with lactose intolerance, our stay was extended three weeks to make sure it wasn’t anything worse since, you know, we live in Africa and everyone always assumes we’re just lousy with parasites. Getting stuck in London doesn’t sound like a bad break, huh? But when you packed for four days and have barely any weather-appropriate clothing, no toys for the kiddo, and are all sharing a hotel room, it gets a little old. And then within what seemed like days, we were off again on R&R. This time to Tanzania where we met friends for an amazing safari vacation capped off with a stay on Zanzibar. It was an unforgettable experience. Unless you’re our two-year-old, who probably won’t remember it. But at least we have pictures.

Then back to Ghana where, upon arrival, I immediately succumbed to the affliction of pregnancy and all the aches, pains, and peeing every five minutes that comes with it. Let’s remember that I made it to six months before complaining though, and we got in a lot of good times.

Sprinkled in between outbound adventures were more visits from friends and family, and more opportunities to see our own Ghana home in ways we hadn’t yet. Including, at six months pregnant, scaling a rock with some rope and climbing through a bat-filled cave.

So with my departure for DC looming, it’s becoming clear we don’t have much time left to enjoy our beautiful and temporary home. The holidays are here again and a little less weird than last year. I’ve grown to love our tree that we procured roadside and Nanny sent us plenty of pine scented everything to really fake it. And every time it seems like it’s too hot outside to enjoy that Christmas feeling, we just throw on some Christmas tunes, build a nice crackling fire on the TV, and curl up together with some dairy-free hot cocoa. Christmas in Ghana may not be the norm for us, but this is our last one and I know there will be lots that we’ll miss.

So keep posted on our year ahead. My old boss has agreed to take me back but warned that he has a new partner coming on board in February. Should be an interesting year with lots of new experiences in store!

In the meantime, afenhyia pa to you and yours.

See more photos of Swostmas our trip to Tanzania, and other Shenanigans around Ghana on Flickr.


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