The Year in Review

So since I’ve recently caught you up on the Swosts’ 2015, I thought it best to let some guest bloggers take the mic on New Year’s Eve for a fresh perspective on our year in review. These are honest answers from our 2.5 year old and interpreted answers from our dog. Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR from Ghana!


What is your name?

Little Man: Jack.

Henry: Henry Rollins Swost.


How old are you?

LM: Three.

Are you really?

LM: Two.

HR: Five. Well 35 in dog years.


What’s the best show on TV?

LM: Peppa Pig.

HR: Bar Rescue.


What is your favorite thing about school?

LM: Mommy and Daddy!

But we’re not at school…

LM: The dirt thing that digs up dirt.

HR: I don’t go to school, but I enjoy snapping at chickens on my daily walks.


What are you best at?

LM: Fishing.

HR: Shedding. Licking myself.


If you could change your name what would you change it to?

LM: Samuel, yes please.

HR: Uhh, it’s Henry MF Rollins. That is all.


What is your favorite color?

LM: Blue…and red.

HR: Gray.


What is your favorite toy?

LM: A green scooter and a red bike.

HR: A bone that I’ve been slowly working into a shiv.


What would you like to be when you grow up?

LM: A Fireman, but I drive.

HR: Stunt Dog.


What do you always take to bed with you at night?

LM: Hootie, soft Hootie and rough Hootie and I also need them when it’s not night time.

HR: When Jack’s not looking, whichever stuffed animal he left on the floor.


What is your favorite book?

LM: “Airplane Flight” and “Jack and the Flumflum Tree”

HR: “Get in the Van” and “Broken Summers”


What is your favorite movie?

LM: The Santa one I watched [the other] night (Arthur Christmas)

HR: Serpico


What is your favorite season of the year? A season is a time of year with a certain kind of weather. Like summer here in Ghana. Or chilly with leaves falling like Fall when we were in London. We’ll go home to DC in Winter and it might snow…

LM: Fall like in London.

HR: Harmattan.


What is a food you really like?

LM: Chicken nuggets and ketchup and peas!

HR: Pretty much anything you drop on the floor. And pizza.


What is your favorite animal?

LM: A zebra and an elephant and a horse.

HR: Squirrel, hands down.


What is your favorite sport?

LM: Swimming.

HR: Ball.


Who is your best friend?

LM: Samuel and Landon and Malia.

HR: Man.


What is your favorite holiday? Like Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas?

[Dad interrupts the interview] Or Farmer’s Day!

LM: Farmer’s Day.

HR: Thanksgiving. Really any holiday when the potential for food falling on the floor increases.


What is your favorite thing you did all year?

LM: I drank five waters and three juice.

HR: I didn’t like the way that Wiseman was looking at me so I ate up all his myrrh.



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